6:30 PM | SWAP Upper Level

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night SWAP is a time where students (grades 7-12) can get together, have great food, laugh a lot, worship, and hang out with their friends during Core Groups (SWAP’S version of small groups).

5:45 PM - Dinner is served in the SWAP Shop (September-April)

6:30 PM - Activities begin


"We're meant to be." It's how all of our favorite movies, songs, and books talk about love—as if the secret to an amazing relationship is a little bit of destiny, a whole bunch of feelings, and a tiny dash of magic. So it makes sense, when we observe the not-so-perfect, real-life relationships modeled by our friends, parents, and favorite celebrities, that we might start to wonder, “Wait—is that how relationships are meant to be?” In this 4-week series, students will get a better lens for evaluating their current and future dating relationships as they see that the secret to a relationship that's "meant to be" is to stay close to Jesus, date with purpose, know who you're looking for, and keep sex in the right context

SWAP Shop Menu

$2.50 for the full meal deal (entrée, drink, chips, desert)

$1.50 for just the entree

The menu for February:

2/13 - Sloppy Joes

2/20 - Pizza

2/27 - Chicken Sandwiches

3/6 - Spaghetti

3/13 - Pizza

3/20 - Nachos

3/27 - Cheese Burgers 

4/3 - Baked Potato Bar

4/10 - Pizza 

4/17 - Chili Dogs

4/24 - Chicken Sandwiches

5/1 - Sliders

5/8 -  Fried Rice & Egg Rolls

5/15 - Tacos

5/22 - Breakfast

5/29 - Cheese Burgers